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Ladies Wedding in Central Park NYC

"Peter advised us how to get the marriage license and the perfect spot in Central Park to get married and I'm pretty sure he made the sun shine that day..." -Louise (wedding: 10/7/14)

New York City abounds with parks that make wonderful wedding venues. World-renowned Central Park is one of the most beautiful and most romantic settings for your ceremony.  I have performed many weddings there, and I'm very familiar with all the environs. Central Park can be one of the most affordable venues in New York City.

PERMIT REQUIRED:Most of the prime locations require a permit (currently $25), which can be obtained through the NYC Parks Department.  Permits must be secured at least 30 days in advance, and the most popular locations are booked months in advance.  I strongly suggest you take the time and spend the small bit of money to secure a permit.  It gives you exclusive use of the site for your designated time, and you can request people who are not in your bridal party to make way.  Some of the nicest areas that I have officiated at are the Ladies Pavilion, the Bow Bridge, Cop Cot, the Pool Pond, Strawberry Fields and the Conservatory Garden.

The Parks Department publishes a Summary Guide for Weddings in Central Park, which simplifies the rules and regulations for permits. You can apply for a permit online.  The Conservatory Garden permit is currently $500. You can learn more about the permit requirements by calling the Manhattan Permit Office of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation at 1-212-408-0226.

PERMIT NOT REQUIRED:If you are willing to pass on some of the more picturesque (permit-required) locations, you can also have a wedding that needs no permits at all -providing your party is composed of fewer than 20 people.  In this case, we all just find a pleasant area off the beaten path, and perform the ceremony there.  Of course being a public park, there are bound to be passers-by.  Often, there are enthusiastic onlookers who will cheer along with your guests at the end of the ceremony.

It goes without saying that a Central Park Wedding is greatly affected by the weather, so please keep this in mind when you are planning.  Many couples have an alternate location (the reception venue, for example) arranged, in case of inclement weather.  However, I have done weddings in the pouring rain in the park.  As long as there isn’t a dangerous wind or lightning, we all just put up our umbrellas.  Whether you are willing to gamble on the weather is up to you, but when everything works out, a Central Park Wedding is something you and your partner will always cherish.

EXTRAVAGANT OPTIONS: Central Park also has two exquisite privately-operated wedding venues. The Central Park Boathouse is the pinnacle of understated elegance and overlooks the lake. Tavern on the Green is a NYC icon.

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